Investing in Commercial Properties: What's in it For You?

Economically, times have been tough for the past few years. With recession and a million other monetary upheavals, it has been a depressing time. But it just might be that things are looking up now.

There is a saying in commercial real estate, “If you think nobody cares you’re alive, just miss out on some mortgage payments.” Unfortunately, a lot of that was happening around 2008 what with the rise of the credit crisis as real estate values plunged down and all chaos broke loose.

But to expert investors, times of great turmoil typical seem as the best possible way to uncover great investment opportunities and that is what happened. Even with all the naysaying, the commercial real estate business did not lose out much thanks to a number of investors increasing their holdings.

Chatting with any serious real estate professional is sure to escalate into an eruption of dialogue stating how commercial properties are a better opportunity to make money than residential holdings traditionally favored by the people. Seeking help from commercial property consulting company like Altus Group can surely do the magic for your ROI.

Commercial property transactions offers additional money flow, benefits of the economies of scale, open playing field, affordable brokers as well as bigger markets and payoffs. This field is facing a demand revival with the supply mechanisms aching to catch up to the longings of the money market.

Due to shortage of office buildings owing to lack of construction in the recent years, office rents have skyrocketed today and it is a highly profitable venture therefore owing all its success to high rental yields and low capital values. In various markets, commercial spaces are sold for less but still return high rental incomes thereby, adding to the entire magic of the business.

Capital appreciation is down in commercial property owing to a large market of speculative buying in residential projects. Office properties are driven by end use and so it may not be so easy to get off your hands but finding tenants for office space has always been and will always be easier than for residential buildings.

Rental periods are also longer for the office spaces and hence they are less likely to be vacated as all office tenants generally pay up front for any fittings required making it a bit undesirable to transfer their premises from one place to another. Again, a brand or bank that depends on its locality is less likely to change premises than those startups or setups where a lot of the work depends on human resources or employee talent potential.

Commercial spaces also provide an opportunity to form professional relationships and help to forge long lasting transactions. Also, the rented space is better taken care of in commercial real estate setups as the viability of the product or services offered by a particular brand is directly dependent on the maintenance done on the space by the tenant. So it is surely an incentive to better take care of your property while paying you great sums at the same time. Also, offices have fixed working hours. Barring fires or break-ins, there are no other scenarios when you might be woken up at night due to any disturbances. Owning just got so much easier, right? There is so much flexibility in lease terms that it is almost always a win-win scenario for both the tenant and the investor.

Of course, the name of the game is business acumen and an eye for interesting deals that pay off. Capturing motivated sellers and getting adept at the art of neighborhood ‘farming’ (read scanning).

At the heart of the matter is basic human interaction skills. It is all about building rapport and a healthy working relation with the people you do business with. Instead of always cashing in, try to make the situation a mutually beneficial scenario. Make people happy. Some of it will surely come back to you.

Real Estate and Curb Appeal

Real estate is a hot topic for a number of reasons: it can be a home, a business, or an investment. Real estate is essentially a doorway to comfortable living, but it also has the option to be so much more then that. Real estate from a business perspective can be an opportunity generate additional income and if done correctly, it can be sole income. Real estate is a field of business that thrives on the concept of knowledge is power; the more you know, the greater the opportunity to succeed. There are many factors to know when it comes to real estate, when buying real estate whether for business or a home you should always consider using the services of a reputable real estate agent. They have extensive knowledge of the area and the future outlook. More often than not, they also grew up in the city and know the surroundings very well, for example if you were looking for a real estate agent in Toronto, a reputable agency would be Slavens & Associates who has extensive reviews and their multiple offices and large team shows proven success.

While there are many factors that determine the price of a property, one essential factor that anyone can change is curb appeal. Curb appeal is what visually, often immediately raises the value of a home. With these tips you can take a piece of real estate property and boost its value, or if it’s your own personal home, it can make it look that much nicer:

Face Value

By face value what is meant is what you initially see. Take the time to make sure you wash the house down and clean the exterior. This sounds like such a simple task, but it’s actually a lot of work.

It also grants a huge difference in how a home looks.

The Roof of a Home

The roof of a home is without question a hefty investment, but a good one. A roof that doesn’t perform can lead to a list of different expenses beyond just roofing repair; it can lead to water leaks, mold, higher energy costs, and compromised structural integrity.

Take the time to get a quote and have a professional evaluate the condition of your home’s roof and take the step to have a full job done. Over time it will pay for itself.

Yard Landscape

This can be something that you can do entirely on your own, or you can contract out. Add some flavor to the front and backyard with some choices of shrubbery, or even stone walkways.

There are a number of different clever options that you can apply to either of these locations that create a very unique, intriguing look.

Install a Fence

This isn’t necessary, but it’s a fair assumption to say that people really enjoy their privacy. Adding a fence to a home contributes in a few different ways:

  • Grants the opportunity to acquire privacy.
  • Adds a bit of style to a home

A fence has a strong sense of comfort when applied correctly to a home.


Everyone dreads painting. It’s a long process that is a lot of work, but it has a huge impact on the look of a home. Take the time to make sure your home is properly painted and that no areas look like they need a touch up.

Make the Home Inviting

Curb appeal is essentially what makes a home inviting; whether it’s your own personal residence, or a piece of property that you are placing on the market. Think of curb appeal as a form of packaging for a product you really like, the more it initially draws you in, the more likely it is to keep your interest and secure it.

Contract Packaging for Your Business

Photo by aolin

In the field of business there is a constant race of efficiency, but this race is met with challenges. Handling these challenges the wrong way can lead to significant problems, which is all the more reason to have a healthy strategy behind each and every task you take on.

There are certain tasks that are going to take up chunks of time; it’s unavoidable. Product development and things of that nature are going to take hands on, specialist involved decisions. However, some tasks, such as packaging and shipment, will have options available that can lighten the load of responsibility and cut costs!

The answer to this: contract packaging.

Why Contract Packaging

A lot of business choices are going to require a personal touch on the product itself, but packaging is a different animal all together. Packaging is a different profession that relies more on convenience and creativity.


Companies that currently incorporate packaging in-house end up paying a lot more for it then the alternative of hiring a company like Nulogy on to take care of the task.

With packaging responsibility comes a list of expenses such as:

  • Paying for the manpower
  • Paying for the supplies
  • Hoping proper supplies are available to ship x item

And several other tangible challenges.

Added Value

Contract packaging companies focus on the preferences of customers. This kind of knowledge form a business point of view is invaluable. The emphasized focus on convenience will keep a customer happy on all levels of a transaction: product + delivery= overall satisfaction.

Output Speed

Suddenly the challenge of getting product out that is purchased is no longer a challenge. That is what contract package companies are there for: fast solutions to any kind of shipping challenge.

A company can suddenly get hit with large orders and they will be able to accommodate such orders in an efficient time frame with the help of a dependable contact packaging company.

In the short-term frame of things this opens up several doors of opportunity, and in the long run is grants the chance to expand operations to an even higher level of success.

Contract Packaging Is All About Efficiency

Contract packaging companies specialize on researching what the customer wants; the preference of delivery, and things of that nature. This research helps capitalize on these customer needs.

This means that a business can focus its efforts around their product while the contract company focuses on the delivery side of the operation. The end result is that the customer gets the best of both worlds.

The outcome is a win-win scenario: happy customer, happy companies.


Successful businesses thrive on solid opportunities and making the most of them when they arise. Contract packaging falls into this category as a great way to take a successful business and take it to that next step of accomplishment.

Consider contract packaging for your business if you are looking to meet your goal expectations. It’s not something that you will regret.

How Does Indoor Positioning System Work?

For as long as we can remember, it has been important to know where we are in this world. In olden days we used maps and compasses to navigate, locate or to know our way around. Today we use GPS irrespective of the mode of transport- be it a car or a bike everyone uses GPS. GPS however turns out to be of no use when it comes to indoor tracking. This is because the signal coming from the satellite gets scattered and attenuated by the roofs and other objects. Even with the sensitive chips which are coming up, GPS fails to obtain high accuracy when it come to indoor tracking. 

An Indoor Position System (IPS) positions people or objects inside a building generally through mobile devices (smart phones) or tablets. IPS with the help of mobile devices (smart phones) tracks electromagnetic waves and other sensory information.

IPS relies on various technologies to obtain the desired accurate results. The following discussion is based on different kinds of Wireless IPS Technologies.

One such technology is the use of Beacons along with logical formulas and algorithms that work in the background. This technology with proper testing and analysis determines not only the direction but even the shortest path to the desired location.

With IPS, a great user experience can also be provided which is like cherry on the cake, user can have results which are both fast and accurate.

IPS technology mainly relies on three distinct elements: the main positioning system platform, the beacons at various position that broadcast signals which are tracked and received by the mobile devices which is then fed to the underlying positioning system, and then the apps which are integrated with the positioning system.

These apps, if built with proper planning, can serve many purposes and provide great user experience.

Another Wireless IPS technology which I believe will become the standard in the future is the WiFi positioning system or WiPS. This is because we already have the all the infrastructure for it and our mobile devices already support it. WiPS can accurately pinpoint your position using a method known as triangulation.

What this method basically does is that it calculates the distance from the user mobile device to a wireless access point. This only won’t only reveal the users location, but if the distance of three wireless access points from the user device can be determined a pretty accurate positioning and navigation can be obtained. 

Non-radio Technologies have the following two methods which are Magnetic Positioning and Inertial Measurements. Magnetic Positioning can offer the pedestrians with smart phones indoor positioning in the vicinity of 1-2 meters, this method makes no use of any additional wireless infrastructure. What this method does is record the magnetic variations in the Earth’s magnetic field which are caused by the iron inside the building. Un-optimized compass chips installed in smartphones is used for recording purposes.

IPS is a cutting-edge technology with great benefits. The above mentioned are only a few of the many innovative methods developed till now.

IPS with proper integration would not only help in locating objects or people indoor but it can also greatly benefit many businesses.

By making the smartphones location aware IPS can help retailer, hospitals and other companies to improve the experience of their product and services. Indoor positioning system opens up an undetected source of information for business; how people, things and places relate physically. Proper analysis allows companies to count the number of visits to a specific area, identify popular areas, and study the average time people spend in a specified area. IPS is only a part of wayfinding technology. Check out this ebook from JibeStream to learn more about the evolution of wayfinding technology.


FAQ About Local Moving Services

Local moving services provide assistance for commercial and residential clients who are relocating. If you need to move a large amount of household items, you can contact nearby moving services for help. Many consumers and small business owners are unaware of the services offered through local moving companies. You can obtain information about your specific questions or concerns.

Are Packaging Services Provided?

Local moving services might provide packaging services. Some companies may pack items such as books, toys, small accessories and other household items. Many moving services provide items to cover a client’s furniture and bedding too. If you need to move fragile items such as mirrors, ceramic goods or items made of glass, local moving services typically stock an assortment of supplies to handle most relocation tasks.

What Types of Items are Moved?

Moving companies are frequently asked about the types of items they’ll handle. Many moving services will transport boxes, chairs, sofas, tables, lamps, beds, pool tables and other household items. Moving services may help area businesses transport desks, chairs, file cabinets, computers, small machinery, parts, appliances and other items. You can call local moving services for details about transporting certain items.

How Soon Can I Schedule a Moving Date?

Scheduling often varies according to the workload of each moving company. Generally, a consumer should call at least one month in advance of an anticipated moving date. If you plan to schedule a move during peak periods such as the end of summer, beginning of the spring or major holidays, you are encouraged to contact local moving companies at least two months in advance. You can obtain scheduling information from local moving companies. Some moving services might charge a deposit to reserve a truck and movers for a particular day.

How Much Will Moving Services Cost?

Moving services are independent businesses that offer various levels of support and fees. Your costs may be based on the number of bedrooms in your home, the number of employees needed to perform your move or other factors. Commercial clients who need to relocate an entire office or to move industrial supplies may pay more money than residential customers. You can contact local moving services to obtain a quote for relocation costs.

Is Insurance Provided for Valuable Items?

Insurance may be provided for certain items of value. Some moving companies might offer optional insurance coverage for your valuables. Insurance could be used to replace your items that become damaged during transit. Cost for insurance will vary among moving services.

What Territory is Covered by Local Moving Firms?

Local moving services might cover your entire state. Some moving companies may provide out-of-state relocation services. Consumers and business owners can contact local moving companies to discuss their coverage areas.

Local moving services are often small businesses that support neighborhood activities. Special rates may be provided for non-profit organizations, students or large corporations. Discounts for local moving services might be found online. Information about some moving companies may be obtained through popular social networks. Many moving firms rely on word-of mouth promotions from satisfied clients.

Helping When You Want To Require A Business Consulting

Creating a global network of local consulting partners takes time and many trust. It may take years before you build-up enough solid contacts all over the world that can be used for your own marketing efforts. But even so, it is good to collaborate new ideas about what is trendy today and where we percieve the web business world going later on. It is these strategic partnerships where one can openly dispose off ideas that will help allow you to think outside of the box to help your personal business.

Everybody online today who fancies themselves being a marketer loves to believe they can be a specialist in things such as search engine optimisation, social websites, SMS messaging, online video marketing and in addition text and banner ads. Unfortunately it is quite challenging for one person to keep up with it all because you will need to be in addition to all the latest trends. Whenever you develop a global network of consultants you have the capacity to get information from around the world that you might not have access to otherwise been privy too.

In today's fast-paced business community it is very difficult to take care of what's going on without help from other like-minded businessmen. These teams of entrepreneurs who look to generate income through strategic online partnerships can perform so on a global basis once they make connections.

Proper Packaging Techniques to Protect Your Items during Shipments

When you are all set to shift to a new location, one has to ensure safe transit of all the belongings onboard. In this post I will help you with all the tricks and tips to achieve perfect packaging of all your items.

The first basic step towards this whole process is prioritizing the items on the basis of fragility. More the item is sensitive towards hostility of transit, more the care to be taken while deciding its packaging technique.


Packaging of machinery

The first step is to dismantle the parts. In the case of electronic gadget, supervision from someone experienced is advised. Once the first step is achieved, the articles are to be kept in a temperature resistant, water proof plastic bag.

A separate box should be assigned for the small parts, like the ball bearings, screws, nails etc. All the things are collectively to be placed inside a cardboard box of requisite size.

Once placed, every inch of the empty space is to be filled with polystyrene, bubble wrap or simply crumbled paper. These materials act as shock absorbers, prevent damage while traveling on an uneven road.

Once the voids are filled, the cardboard box is to be sealed with a handheld tape dispenser, going across whole the length of the box.

Finally check for any tear across the body and go for multiple seal if necessary. At last, label the box with a black marker, denoting the materials it is carrying.

Many a times, heavy machinery or equipment should be placed on a crate or pallets. This is to increase the ease of handling.  Now your package is ready for shipment.


Packaging of fragile items

Items with very low ductility, which are highly intolerant of even a little amount of physical tension, are to be packed very carefully. This category includes glass wares, porcelain materials, antiques, other glass works, china materials, monitors, sculptures etc.

Every piece is to be handled with utmost care with individual bubble wrapping the whole body. Further, they should be placed in polystyrene cases inside a cardboard box with no void in between.

Also, “Box in the Box” technique can be used by simply placing the bubble wrapped material in a small box and further placing that small box in a larger box.

The void in between is to be filled with shock absorbing materials.

Followed with proper sealing and labeling, this technique secures the items from every sort of environmental stress and protects your shipment from damage.


4 Quick Tips

#1) While packaging of large items, always go for professional help. Specially designed boxes and crates are available with packers and movers, which will definitely come to your rescue.

#2) Test the seal integretity of your packages from machines like FlexPak or other methods. This will give you an idea if your items will survive the journey and if additional protection will be needed.

#3) Labeling- Every box is to be labeled indicating your complete address with phone number. The labeling should be done at the top and not sideways. If something gets separated out during the transit, it could be easily traced back to you the owner.

#4) Substantial amount of time should be devoted to this entire packaging procedure, to spare you from that last minute hustle.