Must Have Features For Security Guard Management Software


Security guard management software is a tool that enables companies to monitor their guards and make their efforts more efficient. A good piece of software allows companies to focus on their main priorities, the security of a building or asset, without having to spend a lot of time delegating.


Security guard management software enhances communication, which allows security forces to be far more efficient. The software can run from being extremely complex to very simple, it’s recommended that a lot of thought is put on what exactly your company/situation needs.


With needs being brought up, there are a few key features that should really be put at the top of the list for this product and they are:

1. Easy to Use

When you think of successful security forces there is a general consensus that everyone can agree on: they don’t carry around a ton of equipment. The beauty of security guard management software is the fact that it can be used from the simplicity of one’s own smart phone.


As mentioned above, there are several different options for this kind of software. The complexity you choose should be relevant for the staff that you hold. If your operation isn’t heavily tech savvy it’s suggested to keep it simple, yet effective.

2. Reporting in Advance

With security guard management software you can apply the schedules of your guards into the system and keep track of various reports/potential hazards. This helps keep the security team more aware of potential problems.


In addition to awareness there is also the fact that any reports put into the system should be easily accessible for later use. This can contribute toward solving similar challenges in the future.

3. Uses Real Time

This is what is considered the most important feature with security guard management software. The theme of this program is efficiency, which makes the need for in the moment reporting a necessity.


Real time reports allow companies, clients, and guard staff to be in communication on an as needed basis. In the past communication would be done via online forms, several phone calls, and other options that consume a lot of time with minimal results.


Software that grants the ability to communicate instantaneous is absolutely priceless in the industry of security.

Solid Customer Service

This feature should be applied to all products and services, but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be brought up as a reminder. Good products that a company is confident about will have a solid customer service department. Make a point of asking how a company handles problems should they arise and listen to what they have to say.


The answer that they give you should be a reassuring one. If it’s something that you hear and you cock your head at then that would be an immediate sign to consider another option.


Security work is a difficult job with a lot of responsibility, this kind of software is essential for not only making the work more efficient, but making it easier as well. Take a look and see what options are available for your needs. There are more online resources available at Silvertrac.

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