Why Do We Need To Do Data Center Migration?


Data center migration is being done everywhere in the industry today. Since ‘change’ is the only thing constant in life, every organization at some point realizes that it needs to relocate its data center. There are a number of strategies and tips available that claims to aid in successful and hassle-free data center migration. But in order to successfully shift or consolidate a data center, the first essential step is to understand the need for the data center migration. Understanding the reasons for the task can help the data center officials to plan what is best for the organization. Knowing when, why and how to initiate data center relocation can prevent many problems which might occur later.

A data center is essentially a facility that houses the computer systems and other components of an organization. It is a centralized repository that holds the entire organization’s data and information, manages and stores them efficiently.

One of the main reasons for data center migration is the ever-growing advancement in technology. Since technology is constantly changing, sometimes the present technology becomes inadequate and is no longer sufficient to meet the needs of the business. For example, the need to have digital copies of documents is due to the advancement in technology that led to remote access of the data. Technology changes to help improve business and businesses change in order to make use of the technological advancements.

Apart from technical reasons, an organization can also decide to do data center migration due to certain business reasons. Businesses rely on their data center infrastructure and the need to increase the security and protection of critical data or to meet certain regulatory requirements can lead to data center migration. In addition, if the business changes, the data center has to change along with it. This is in the case of mergers where there is no way but to perform data center migration. Also, with end-to-end data centre migration service provider like BlueCat, the task becomes extremely easy.

One interesting reason for data center migration is improved energy efficiency. In the past, data centers were built without giving much thought to the energy consumption and it was discovered that data centers waste 90% of their energy intake. The organization might find that relocating to a better equipped and more energy efficient facility could be cost effective and have several benefits in spite of the trouble that has to be undertaken to relocate the data center.

Another reason is to do data center migration as part of a disaster recovery plan. Disasters may render the current data center inoperable and in order to ensure business continuity, the data centers have to be migrated and made operational as soon as possible. Some organizations already would have leased an alternate facility anticipating a disaster as part of their contingency plan. These alternate sites are used in case of disasters or emergencies, to make sure the business doesn’t face operational disruption.

Lastly, one of the simplest reasons for data center relocation can be the market success. An organization grows and expands to a point where the current data center becomes insufficient and obsolete.

Knowing and understanding the reasons for data center migration can help the officials plan more than just the logistics problem involved. The new facility has to suit the needs of the organization and it should be done without causing considerable downtime.

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